Books on cassettes for youth and children include collections of works by Kitty Anna Griffiths, Paul Hutchins, Ruth Johnson, Bernard Palmer and Patricia St. John.  A list of their books can be accessed by clicking on their names in the section immediately below.  All other cassette books for youth and children are listed by title in the section below these collections.

Adventures in Odyssey, by Focus on the Family;

Anaku-The True Stories of a Wolfe, by Joanne DeJonge;

Being a Real Teenager, by Warren Wiersbe;

Biff Norris & the Clue of the Mysterious Letters, by John Rynyam;

Bird Life in Wington, by J. Calvin Reid;

Child’s Look at the 23rd Psalm, by W. Phillip Keller;

Children’s Stories, by Uncle Bill Orr;

Dearest Debbie, by Dale Evans Rogers;

Don Lonie Talks to Teenagers, by Don Lonie;

Eighteen & No Time to Waste, by Margaret Johnson;

Ginger in Alaska, by Ginger G. Johnston;

Gold Train Bandits, by Roddy Lee;

Happy Times with Uncle Ben, by Uncle Ben;

The Horse and His Boy, by C. S. Lewis;

Ivan and the Daring Escape, by Myrna Grant;

Ivan and the Informer, by Myrna Grant;

Ivan and the Secret in the Suitcase, by Myrna Grant;

Ivan and the Star of David, by Myrna Grant;

Mystery of Red Rock Canyon, by Esther Loen Vogt;

The Peanut Man (Story of George Washington Carver), by Harry Albus;

Prize and the Broken Lamp, by M. Langebough;

Sarah and the Pelican, by Margaret Epp;

Snowfire – Story of a Wild Horse, by Kermit Shelby

Robin and the Lovable Bronk, by Shirley Evans;

Star Eye, by William Schmidt;

Startling Adventures of You Dan, by Stuart Henrick;

Suki and the Invisible Peacock, by Joyce Blackburn;

Suki and the Magic Sand Dollar, by Joyce  Blackburn;

Suki and the Old Umbrella, by Joyce Blackburn;

Suki and the Wonder Star, by Joyce Blackburn;

Sunday Half Hours with the Children, by Charlotte M. Yong;

Thunder at Triple R Ranch, by Betty Swinford;

Treasure of Squaw Mountain, by Marjorie Zimmerman;