Since it’s inception in 1925, the Braille Circulating Library has been in continuous operation, serving the blind community.  From serving only the state of Virginia, the library has grown to serve the entire United States and many foreign countries with its resources on the web.

In 2017, library co-founder Louise Harrison McCraw was awarded the honor of being named among Virginia Women in History.   We remain committed to the work she began on behalf of the visually impaired almost a century ago.

What’s Happening at the Library

Thanks to generous supporters and volunteers, the library has increased its resources and has also been able to provide a wider variety of resource formats.
A major effort is currently under way to convert all 1,500 titled audio resources to digital and place them on our website.  Many are already available to registered members.

We have a vision to present articles, booklets and news in braille on the website for download.  Some of the materials from our original library collection are available in both text and braille, and are not part of circulation resources.  They are distributed freely upon request.  For more information on them, please visit one of the following site sections:  About the Library or Silver Publishing Society.

As we work to improve our services, you may notice some changes to our site and its resource listings.  We appreciate your patience!

Audio Resources

Good Help – A Tribute to Two Who Made Things Happen

One would be hard-pressed to remember meeting either Joe Hrubik or Robert Taylor when they didn’t have a smile on their faces, or a ready pun on their tongues. These qualities will be remembered alongside their legacy of “Good Help” in the annals of the Braille Circulating Library.

In addition to circulating braille resources, the library has a long history of providing audio resources to its members.  Joe and Robert’s faithfulness in the creation and circulation of these materials spanned several decades.

Links to Other Helpful Resources

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