Fiction books on cassette are grouped by author if we have four or more by the same author, or if they are in a series.   Those collections are listed first on this page.  Click on an author’s name to access the list of titles.  A list of other fiction follows the collections.

Other available fiction books on cassette are listed below, by author.

A Chapter Closed for Peggy, by Dorothy Martin;

Christy, by Catherine Marshall;

Cimarron Sunset, by Peggy Darty;

Conviction of Charlotte Grey, by Jeanne Cheyney;

Deepening Stream, by Francena Arnold;

Diary of Hope, by Lucy Gray;

Edge of Belonging, by Dorothy Martin;

Hagar, by Lois T. Henderson;

Heart Aflame, by Susan Kirby;

In Love’s Own Time, by Susan Feldhake;

Judith, by N. T. Saloof;

Lydia, by Lois T. Henderson;

Martyrs of Guanabara, by John Gillies;

Other Side of the Tell, by Betty Wilson;

The Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan;

Rachel, by Leila Prince Golding;

Ruth, by Lois T. Henderson;

Sam at Bible School, by Bernard and Marjorie Palmer;

The Screwtape Letters, by C. S. Lewis;

Second Christmas, by Louis Untermeyer;

Stories of the Southwest, by Ann Warris;

Straight Down a Crooked Lane, by Francena H. Arnold;

Student Nurse, by Bernard and Marjorie Palmer;

They’re Playing Our Secret, by Dianne Booker;

Two From Galilee, by Marjorie Holmes;

Vinegar Boy, by Alberta Hawse;

Wear My Ring Again, by Mildred Woodford;

Westward My Love, by Schilte;

When the King was Carpenter, by Maria von Trapp;

Where Morning Dawns, by Irene Brand.