Adventures in Prayer, by Catherine Marshall;

Amazing Love, by Corrie ten Boom;

Christian You Should Know, by Ruth I. Johnson;

Crusade for Christ, by Jean Wilson;

Fitting into My Sphere (Gateway to Joy), by Elisabeth Elliot;

For Women Only, by John MacArthur;

If, by Amy Carmichael (music on side two);

Loving Promises, by Helen Steiner Rice;

Personal Assignment, by Joyce Norman;

Psalm 19, by Jane Stuart Smith;

Rejoice Evermore – I Thessalonians 5:16, by Mrs. Dorothy Bennett;

Spiritual Opposition – Recognizing Our Enemy, by Elisabeth Elliot;

Temptation – I Corinthians 10:13, by Roberta Renner;

These Blind Eyes Now See, by Marilyn Ford, with Phyllis Boykin;

These Strange Ashes, by Elisabeth Elliot;

Seats of God, by Mrs. Richard Bennett;

Tina’s First Love, by Hilda Ann Stahl;

Untitled Message by Corrie ten Boom;

What it Means to be Always Available to the Lord, by Roberta Renner;

When God is in Charge, by Elisabeth Elliot;

When the Bitter Turns to Sweet, by Elisabeth Elliot;

When the Heart is Lonely, by Inez Spence.