Due to the large volume of cassettes, sermons in this section are listed alphabetically, by the last name of the speaker.  For your convenience, they are listed below, on tabs identified by the first letter of the speakers’ last name.  To access the lists, click on the letter on a tab.  The last tab contains a list of tapes consisting of compiled messages.

Aldrich, Joe

Worship or Worry, Gospel in a Nutshell and Three Dimensions of Love, etc.

Anderson, Dr. Charles W.

Remember Lot’s Wife

Arnold, Rev. Herbert

How to Live the Christian Life and What are You Looking At?

Barshaw, Fred

How to Witness to Mormons;

Baumann, J. Daniel

Make Up Your Mind;

Beck, Rev. Stephen

How My Bad Conscience Got Me A Good Thing;

Tale of Two Cities:  City of the World and the City of God;

Berry Harold

Cults-Counterfeit or Christianity;

Bertolini, Rev. Dewey

The Seriousness of Self-Destruction

Blaiklock, E.M.

What is Prayer?

What of the Future, and What is Discipleship?

Blue, Ron and Judy

Raising Money-Smart Kids;

Boice, Dr. James

Great Chapters of the Bible;

Holy Spirit Series;


Boyer, Rev. Harden

The Greatness of God, and How to Live Above Circumstances;

Breese, Dave

Five Horsemen;

Marks of a Cult;

What’s Ahead?

Brown, Roland

Joy, Antidote for Fatigue;

Carroll, Joseph S.

What Worship is and How to Worship;

Chapel of the Air

Interview with Dr. Viggo Olsen;


Cocoris, Dr. Ted

Everyone Talking About Heaven Ain’t Going There, and Believe What?

Criswell, Dr. W.A.

Holy Spirit Series;

Counterfeit Religion, and 144,000 on Mount Zion;

Cronk, Dr. Malcolm

Messages on Prayer

DeBrine, Dr. John

How Satan Makes Revolution;

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit;

Edman, Dr. Raymond

Life More Abundantly, from I Corinthians 15;

England, Edward

The Mountain That Moved

Gardiner, Rev. George

Charismatic Movement;

Seven Feasts of God to Israel;

Gesswein, Armin

Prayer Life of Christ;

Gustafson, Roy

Modern Israel;

Gutzke, Manford

Basic Ideas About God;

Havner, Dr. Vance

Leaving It All;

Look Who’s Here;

It’s About Time, and If My People;

Hendricks, Dr. Howard


Our Prayers Life, and Psalm 11;

Hession, Roy

Calvary Road;

Hillis, Don

What Can Tongues Do for You?

Horn, Rev. Novell

Total Commitment to Jesus Christ;

Hoyt, Dr. H.

Jewish Evangelism;

Hunter, Dr. John

Things Missing in Our Life;

Challenge of Teen Evangelism, and Teenage Love;

Hybels, Bill

Who Are You When No One’s Looking;

Hyles, Dr. Jack


Jeremiah, Dr. David

God’s Love for a Lost;

Stress of Life;

Johnson, Dr. S. Lewis

What Must I Do To Be Saved? and Divine Side;

God is He, and What is He Like?

Johnson, Paul

A New Beginning;

Rejections of Christ;

Kennedy, James

Prodigal Generation, and Spiritual State of the Union;

Kier, Rev. Everett

Sons, Soldiers and Farmers, and Where are the 7,000?

Kirban, Salem

Doctrines of Devils;

Kroll, Woodrow

Bring Thanks to God;

Hope for the Twilight Years

Larson, Art

Trademarks of a Christian;

If the Foundation be Destroyed;

Lauren, Roy L.

Meet Yourself in the Bible;

Lease, Stuart

Ephesians-Worth Walk and Worldlings Walk;

Letchford, Dr. Peter

Not Hearers Only, But Doers, and Missionary Motives;

LeTourneau, R. H.

Success Without Compromise;

Lindsey, Hal

Hal Lindsey’s Testimony

Little, Paul

Know Why You Believe;

Lucado, Max

When God Whispers Your Name

Mains, David R.

Great Words of the Gospel;

Marshall, Peter

Peter Marshall Speaks, Trial by Fire, and Trumpet of the Morn;

Martin, Dr. Albert

God’s Abiding Presence with His People;

Martin, Walter R.

World of the Occult;

McConkey, James H.

The Surrendered Life;

The Way of Victory;

Meyer, F. B.

Fellowship with God;

Jeremiah, Priest and Prophet;

Miles, Dr. George

Blessed Man, and Ways that Seem Right to Man;

Good Sides of Peter, and Second Coming of Christ;

Miller, Dr. Donald

What the Bible Says about Exorcism;

Miller, Keith

Taste of New Wine;

Morgan, G. Campbell

Great Chapters of the Bible;

Morris, Henry

The Scientific Case for Creation, and Creation and the Modern Christian;

Percy, Dr. J.O.

The Pathway of Blessing;

Peters, Dr. Art

Overcoming the Poison of Bitterness;

Peterson, William J. and Weiss

Temptation – A Street Called Staight?

The Lord is My Shepherd;

New Cult Series;

Philip, James

The Christian Armor;


Phillips, George

It’s a Hard Life;

Things That Accompany Salvation

Pipkin, Dr. Lester

Hope for the Heaven Bound, and Heart Trouble;

Poure, Ken

Come Alive;

Message from Moses;

Pritchard, Rev. Sparky

First Commandment – Love the Lord with All Your Heart and Soul;

Pritz, Chaplain Ray

What is Life? and Let’s Talk About the Gospel;

What is Truth? and A Tax Collector Meets Christ

Radmacker Dr. Earl

The Holy Spirit;

Uttermost Salvation;

Redpath, Dr. Alan

Lovest Thou Me?

Temptation and How to Overcome;

Rees, Tom

Raising Lazarus from the Dead;

The Virgin Birth;

Reidhead, Paris

We Must Come to Christ on His Terms;

Matthew 6:  Three Parables of Lost and Found;

Renich, Rev. Fred

Paul’s Two-fold Rule;

Rice Dr. John R.

Tears in Heaven;

What it Costs to be a Good Christian;

Rimmer, Harry

Noah’s Ark;

Robinson, Haddon

History’s Great Event, and God, Sin and Man;

Justification by Faith;

Man’s Life Consisteth Not of Wordly Things

Sampson, William

The Holy Spirit, Christian Character, and Rejoice in the Lord;

What Does it Means to Eat Christ’s Flesh and Drink His Blood? and Fruitful Walk with God;

Steadman, Ray

Towel Wearers, Cure for Troubled Hearts, and other messages;

Stellings, Rev. Ed

I Spoke in Tongues;

Still, William

Proverbs Chapters 3 and 4;

Thompson, Cameron

Master Secrets of Prayer;

Thompson, Luther Joe

Monday Morning Prayer;

Torrey, R. A.

How to Pray;

Tournier, Paul

The Healing of Persons;

Tozer, A. W.

How To Be Filled with the Holy Spirit;

Tragedy in the Church

Walter, Russ

One Nation Under God;

Walking in the Light, and Loosed from Thine Infirmity;

Warris, Ann

Stories of Christmas;

Wildish, Rev. Harold

Nazarite Unto God;

Wilson, Walter

God’s Will is Perfect, and Work of Satan;

Winchel, Richard

Priority of a Progressive Faith;

Wolston, W. T. P.

Rest for the Weary

Woodward, Richard

Choose You This Day, and Testimony;

Woychuk, N. A.

Faith of Experience

Vander Lugt, Herbert

Light in the Valley, and Living and Dying;

Vander Warner

Untilted Message, and music;

Volk, Stanley


Compiled by Curtis Hutson

Great Preaching on Heaven;

Great Preaching on the Duty of Christ;

Great Preaching on the Resurrection;

Compiled by Mary Virginia Robinson

Stories of Christmas