Blind Man – Next Time, the Fire – Revelation 3?17;

Facing Death and the Life After;

Faith in Christ, and It Seemed Good to the Holy Spirit;

Giving the Devil His Due – 2 Corinthians, and Peace – Galatians 6:14;

The Home, and The Revolution;

Hopeless, Yet There is Hope, and What You Cannot Do Without;

Jaws and Jonah – Matthew 12:34, and Angels – God’s Secret Agents;

Loneliness; A Problem of Youth, and Earthquakes and the Coming of Christ;

Love of God, and Victory Through Surrender;

The Number One Question, and Samson – Galatians 6:7;

Road to Armageddon, and Excuses God Won’t Accept;

Ten Commandments – Matthew 12:34, and Youth Hang-ups;

Ten Commandments for a Happy Home;