Character of Christianity, and The Spiritual Maturing;

Flight of Faith – 1 Timothy 6:1-12, and How God Transforms a Man – Galatians 1;

Forgiven, and Commitments of a Christian Life;

God’s Plan for Winning the Lost, and God’s Great Separation;

Jesus Meets Our Doubts – John 20:19, and What Faith Does in the Believer;

Life According to God – 1 Peter 4, and Traitors to the Kingdon – 2 Timothy 3;

A Lost Faith, and Danger of Wrong Desires;

The Olivet Discourse;

Opposing Forces of the Christian Life – The World and the Flesh;

Tobiah’s Furniture, and Cleansing of God’s Temple;

Walking with God – Amos 3:3, and The Time Appointed – Galatians 4:2 and 4;