C. T. Studd, by Norman P. Grubb;

Christ’s Love Accessible to All, by Joni Eareckson;

Dr. Wilson’s Stories of Soul Winning, by Dr. Wilson;

Daktar- Diplomat in Bangledesh, by Dr. Viggo Olsen;

Fire on the Mountain, by Raymond Davis;

A Foreign Devil in China, by John Pollock;

How I Know God Answers Prayer, by Rosalind Goforth;

In Harmony with the Heart of God, by G. Christian  Weiss;

Israel O’ My People, by Irene Handley;

Journey with David Brainerd, by Richard A. Hasler;

Kidnapped, by Debbie and Carl Dortzbach;

Mission Possible, by Hans Kristian and Dave Hunt;

More Missionary Stories, by Theresa Worman;

Penetrating the Purple and Iron Curtains with the Gospel, by Jack Murray;

The Pineapple Story, by Otto Koning;

Plouged Under, by Amy Carmichael;

*Sahu-Early Years & Romance, by Dorothy C. Haskins;

*Story of Martha Snell Nickelson, by Dorothy C. Haskins;

*Kenny Stroman, by Dorothy C. Haskins;

Twelve Baskets of Crumbs, by Elisabeth Elliot;

Victims of the Long March and Other Stories, by John Pollock;

*The three Dorothy C. Haskins books are all on one tape.