Abraham, by Warren Wiesbe;

The Bad Samaritan, by Warren Wiersbe;

Chief Persons of the Bible, (Adam through Joshua), by Manford Gutzke;

Esther, Romance in the Providence of God, by Dr. Ray Stedman;

The Life of Joseph, by Donald Hubbard;

John the Baptist, by Warren Wiersbe;

Joshua, Victorious by Faith, by Theodore H. Epp;

Life of Joshua, by Theordore H. Epp;

Moses, a five study series by Theodore H. Epp;

People at Jesus’ Feet, by Warren Wiersbe;

Old Testament Patriarchs, by Donald G. Barnhouse;

Ruth, by Roberta Renner;

Solomon, by Dr. Charles Swindoll;

Stephen, a Profile of Courage, by Dr. John MacArthur.