The Desert Blooms, by Sarah P. Boyle;
Eli Whitney, Master Craftsman, by M. Gilbert;
Fanny Crosby – Singing I Go, by Basil Miller;
The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom, by Pamela R. Moore;
Florence Nightingale – The Lady with the Lamp, by Basil Miller;
God Blessed Me with a Heart Attack, by Richard G. Dunwoody;
God in the Hard Times, by Dale Evans Rogers;
Grace Livingston Hill, by Robert L. Munce;
Hallelujah Harry, by Ken Anderson;
The Last of the Giants, by Harry Rimmer;
Let’s Roll, by Lisa Beamer;

Life of E. D. Whiteside (Praying Man of Pittsburg), by E. R. Garner;
Louis Braille, by Margaret Davidson;
Luther, Servant of God, by Victor Paulos
A Man’s Touch, by Charles F. Stanley;
Mary Jones and Her Bible, by Mary Carter;
Mission at Nuremberg, by Tim Townsend;
More Than a Carpenter, by Josh McDowell;
Mountain View, by Virginia Pinchbeck Anderson;
My Hand in His, by Lilian A. Walsh;
The Persecutor, by Sargei Kourdkakov;
Please Love Me, by Keith Miller;
Praying Hyde, by Basil Miller;
Samuel Morris, by Lindley Baldwin;
Scientists Who Believe, author unknown;

Somebody Say Glory, by The Lane Sisters;
Spiritual Secrets of Famous Christians, by Anna Talbott McPherson;
Susanna Wesley, by Sandy Dengler;
That Man Barnhouse, by Margaret N. Barhnhouse;
Through Blindness, by Helen Manning;
A Time for Remembering: The Ruth Bell Graham Story, by Patricia Daniels Cornwell;
Twelve Angels from Hell, by David Wilkerson;
Twenty-six Years on the Losing Side, by Conrad S Jensen;
Who Shall Ascend?, Elisabeth Elliot;
Woman on Death Row, by Velma Barfield;
Wonders Never Cease, by Lydia Buksbazen;