Greetings from the Braille Circulating Library!

HAPPENINGS: At 2700 Stuart Avenue, APRIL 2017

On March 30, 2017, the Library of Virginia celebrated eight honorees during national Women’s History Month. Among these deserving candidates was Miss Louise McCraw, a who was honored for making important contributions to Virginia, the nation, and the world, who strove for excellence, courage, conviction, and a vision on behalf of the Visually Impaired. Among the audience of 250+ were Braille Board members, Pastor Wilburn IBC, Former Braille Adm. Assistant, Francis Gordon, rejoicing in God’s grace in recognizing this important work. Diverse backgrounds from each honoree revealed rather extraordinary contributions to society from each honoree.


We are in final stages of the new website and should be online within the next two weeks. We will be learning how to add information as administrators here within the library whenever needed. We are underway in digitizing the audio files from the cassette tapes normally sent out to the members. These will be placed on the website for all who can access the website.


We continue to be encouraged by the increased use of the library by old rand new members. Words of appreciation propel our enthusiasm in serving the needs of the visually impaired community. We are using new and innovative ways to service our members in their needs.


Pray: This library only exists by the grace of God. We depend on His grace to lead us in all that we do here. We covet your prayers in how we can best serve those who contact us and, for those who do not know we exist that they will somehow find us in their search for Christian literature to meet their spiritual needs. There are a total of 165,000 blind persons in Virginia, nationally, 23,761,000 who are Visually Impaired.

Give: Without you as individual givers we would not be able to operate the library. That’s how much we depend upon each of you to give, so please consider becoming a sustaining supporter so we may continue to serve the Visually Impaired. Economically, we remain below our financial goals in becoming a sustainable ministry so, we encourage you to consider becoming a sustaining financial member of the Library. As Gideon did in Judges 7:7, becoming a member of an “Army of 300” at $30 per month would achieve our goal in serving our members, old and new.

William Jeffries

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