Silver Publishing Society is a division of the Braille Circulating Library.  Publications currently available free to the public include sermons and books by library co-founder, James H. McConkey.

To download pamphlets from this site, go to the section below and click on the title you would like to access.  Available books are listed in the subsequent section.

All resources listed on this page are available while supplies last.  To receive items in their original print or braille forms, please contact us via our Contact page, phone:  (804) 359-3742, or e-mail:  When requesting via e-mail, please type, “Resource Request” in the subject line.

Available Books

Please note that no book will be sent unless specifically requested in writing and a valid address is provided.

The Surrendered Life, by James McConkey

The End of the Age, by James H. McConkey

Prayer, by James H. McConkey

The Threefold Secret of the Holy Spirit, by James McConkey

James McConkey, Man of God, by Louise Harrison McCraw

Donated funds have kept the Library in operation for over 98 years.