Braille books for youth and children include collections of works by Paul Hutchins and Bernard Palmer.  A list of their books can be accessed by clicking on their names in the section immediately below.  All other braille books for youth and children are listed by title in the section below these collections.

Adventures at Riverton Zoo, by D.B. Francis;

The Adventures of Captain Daley’s Crew, by Craig Massey;

Andy’s Orange House, by Rita Puttcamp;

The Ant and the Dove, and the Monkey and the Cat, Aesop’s Fables;

The Austin Boys- Marooned, by Ken Anderson;

Beanie, by Susan Corsky;

Billy Catches a Vision, by Harold B. Street;

Billy Graham Talks to Teenagers, by Billy Graham;

Bird Life in Wington, by J. Calvin Reid;

Boy from Northfield, by Harry J. Albus;

Brenda Morgan at Uranium Valley, by Charles Ludwig;

Christian Girls’ Problems, by William Bertrand;

Dear Ann, by Ann Willis;

Debbie Sees With Her Heart, author unknown;

Devotions for the Children’s Hour, by Ken M. Taylor;

Down Timberland Trail, by Bernice Callaway;

Fibber Fables, by Richard H. Boytim;

A Fly Went By, by Mike McClintock;

For Girls Only, by Dorothy Clark Haskin;

Four Cameleers, by Chris Savery;

Good Neighbor, by Brenda Cannon;

Hairy Brown Angel and Other Animal Tails, by Grace Fox;

Jack-O-Lantern House, by Francena H. Arnold;

Jungle Doctor’s Fables, by Paul White;

Knights of the Snows, by R. G. Martin;

Koko, On the Yukon, by Basil Miller;

Let’s Go to India, by Carol Terry Talbot;

Letters to Jody, by T. D. Parks;

Letters to Karen, by Charles Shedd;

Little Cousins of Navajo Land, by M. M. Schoolland;

Little Pilgrim’s Progress, by Helen L. Taylor;

The Little Shepherd, by Anna Porter Wright;

Little Shepherds of Navajo Land, by Marian M. Schoolland;

Little Woodchopper, from the Wilson Foundation;

Lost on the Trail, by Ken M. Taylor;

Meet the Youth of the Bible, by Basil Miller;

Meg Plays Fair, by Constance Savory;

Moonlight on the Surf, by Basil Miller;

Mystery at Red Rock Canyon, by Esther L. Vogt;

The Mystery Man of Horseshoe Bend, by Linda Boorman;

Mystery of the Kidnapped Kid, by Jerry B. Jenkins;

Mystery of the Missing Camper, by Ruth J. Joy;

The Mystifying Twins, by Jean Price Reeve;

Nickel That Laughed, by Muriel Taylor;

No Help Wanted, by Margaret Epp;

Noel the Loving Lion, by Bill Rice;

On the Alaskan Trail, by Margaret G. Tuininga;

Ordered Steps, by Bertha Moore;

Patsy of the Pine Woods, by M. M. Schoolland;

Peanut Butter Hamster, by Grace Fox Anderson;

The Peanut Man: The Life of George Washington Carver, by Harry J. Albus;

Pete and Penny Think and Thank, by Dorothy G. Johnson;

Sarah and the Magic Twenty-Fifth, by Margaret Epp;

Sarah and the Pelican, by Margaret Epp;

Secret Treasure at Tentenbury Manor, by Christina Hunter;

The Startling Adventures of You – Dan, by Stuart C. Henrich;

Sunshine Country, by Christiana Roy;

Tales for Teens, by Faith Coxe Bailey;

The Taming of Cheetah, by Lee Roddy;

The Three Bears, by Bertha Moore;

Thunder of Triple R. Ranch, by Betty Swinford;

Tip Lewis and His Lamp, by Pansy;

Tips for Teens, by Mel Johnson;

Treasure on Squaw Mountain, by Marjorie Zimmerman;

Wendy and Brian, by Edna Menzies;

The Wider Place, by Eugenia Price;

Winter of the White Tail Bucks, by Jeanne Houde