Bibles, Commentaries and Studies in the Bible

Bible – King James Version;

Bible Correspondence Course for New Christians, by Josephine A. Wang;

A Christian’s Guide to the New Testament, by Alan Cole;

Colossians Study, by E. Schylur English;

Daniel Speaks Today, by C. Ernest Tatum;

The Epistle of Paul to Philippians, by Oliver Greene;

The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, by Oliver B. Greene;

Epistle to the Romans, by James Phillips;

Expository Notes on the Epistle of Peter, by H. A. Ironside;

Going Through Genesis, by J. Vernon McGee;

Gospel According to John, by G. Campbell Morgan;

Hosea – Prophet of God, by Fred M. Wood;

Initiation into Isaiah – Part I, J. Vernon McGee;

Initiation into Isaiah – Part II, J. Vernon McGee;

Made According to Pattern (A study of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness), by Charles W. Slemming;

Notes on James, by H. A. Ironside;

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, by Phillip W. Keller;

Studies in Hebrews, by Oliver B. Greene;

Studies in Psalms, by Kyle M. Yates;

Study Course in Romans, by Robert Munn;

Study of First Corinthians, by G. Coleman Luck;

Study of Job, by Theodore H. Epp;

Study of Second Corinthians, by G. Coleman Luck;

The Ten Commandments, by John Zoller;

Through the Bible Day By Day (Commentary), by F. B. Meyer;

Victory Life (Study of Psalm 119), by S. Franklin Logdson;