Adoniram Judson, by Faith Coxe Bailey;

Amazon Moon, by Rosemary Cunningham;

Angel At Her Shoulder, by Kenneth Wilson;

Ann Judson, by Basil Miller;

Beaten Gold, by Phyllis Thompson;

By Searching, by Isobel Kuhn;

C.T. Studd – Cricketeer Pioneer, by Norman P. Grubb;

Daktar, Diplomat of Bangledesh, by Viggo Olsen;

Five Famous Missionaries You Would Like to Know, by Basil Miller;

Foreign Devil in China, by John C. Pollock;

Granny Brand, by Dorothy Clark Wilson;

Green Leaf in Drought Time, by Isobel Kuhn;

Have We No Right?, by Mabel Williamson;

Himalayan Heartbreak, by Ken Anderson;

In the Arena, by Isobel Kuhn;

Kohila, by Amy Carmichael;

Lords of the Earth, by Don Richardson;

Medical Missionaries You Would Like to Know, by Dorothy Clark Haskin;

Mimosa, Who was Charmed, by Amy Carmichael;

Mission Accomplished Under Sentence of Death (Life of Henry Steel), by Edward Erny;

Missionary Adventures in Far East, by Gwenda Steward;

Missionary Heroine of Calabar, by E. E. Enock;

Missionary Stories Around the World, by Basil Miller;

Missionary Stories From Indonesia, by Gwenda Steward;

More Precious Than Gold, by J. Bryars;

Pandita Ramabai, by Basil Miller;

Ploughed Under, by Amy Carmichael;

Ragland, by Amy Carmichael;

Remarkable Prayer Meeting , and You Can’t Bankrupt God, by Basil Miller;

Sensi – Life Story of Irene Webster Smith, by Russell T. Hitt;

Shadow of the Almighty, by Elisabeth Elliot;

Small Woman, by Alan Burgess;

The Story of L’Abri, by Edith Schaeffer;

Take My Hands, by Dorothy Clark Wilson;

Through Gates of Splendor, by Elisabeth Elliot;

Tortured for Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand;

Twelve Baskets of Crumbs, by Elisabeth Elliot;

Twenty-five Years of Adventuring by Faith, by Theodore H. Epp;

Wall of Fire, by Marie Monson;

Widow of the Jewels, by Amy Carmichael;

ZVI, by Elwood McQuaid;